D anish-Canadian filmmaker Philip Th. Pedersen was born in Aalborg, Denmark, to a Danish father and Canadian mother, and has a Masters in Film Science from the University of Copenhagen.

His ROBERT (Danish ACADEMY AWARD) nominated family adventure film ‘Forsvundet til Halloween (The Seekers: Thrill Night)’ was shown in Danish cinemas. It was the first Danish Halloween film and the first Danish streaming premiere on DISNEY+. Pedersen also directed all four seasons of the TV-PRISEN (Danish EMMY) nominated children’s superhero series ‘Sprinter Galore’ for national Danish network DR Ramasjang, and every season of the popular spin-offs ‘Heino fixes everything’, and ‘Heino & The Wilderness Team’.

His short film ‘Eastern Army’ was the first Danish film selected for the Action on Film International Film Festival, and his ghetto drama ‘Little Men’ was the first Danish film nominated for the ‘In Hollywood Magazine Award of Excellence’. His horror film ‘Emma’ was, like his lyrical drama ‘The Waitress’, selected for CANNES COURT METRAGE.

Furthermore he has directed a variety of commercials for Chai London, Fastspeed, 7-Eleven, Business Denmark, BIG shopping, OneMobile and BUPL, and a variety of music videos for Danish and international artists.