2021 / Family Adventure

The Seekers: Thrill Night

Siblings Asger and Petra have recently lost their father and this is their first Halloween without him. Asger and neighbor girl Esther have drifted apart, but are forced to celebrate Halloween with their families. But when Petra suddenly disappears without a trace, Asger and Esther have to work together to find the missing little sister. They head out into the Halloween night, and in their frantic search for Petra, they encounter the boy Svend, disguised zombies, thieves and all sorts of challenges, before ending up in front of the spooky house where the evil witch lives. Can they find Petra in time?

2020 / Family series

Heino & The Wilderness team

Adam, Frida, Holger and Alicia, are not exactly born winners, but with the help of nature guide Heino Lange (Troels Thorsen) they may just have a chance.

2019 / Family series

Sprinter Galore - New Adventures

Legendary green alien Sprinter Galore finally returns to help different children all over Denmark.

2018 / Family series

Heino fixes everything

Heino Lange (Troels Thorsen) is perhaps the worst handy-man in the world. Of course that doesn’t stop him from helping Danish children with their different projects anyway.

2016-18 / Family series

Sprinter Galore

Magnus lives with his parents in a typical Danish home. When the alien Sprinter Galore crash lands, it will be a visit that teaches both Sprinter and the family about life on earth.

2014 / Lyrical Drama

The Waitress

The poetic tale of of a homeless man’s (Ted Pappas) fascination with a waitress (Stine Ruge) in an unnamed city. Based on the song ‘The Waitress’ by Atmosphere.

2012 / Horror


A Danish couple (Maja Muhlack & Danny Thykær) and their daughter Emma are going to an old summerhouse with friends (David Sakurai & Kristina Korsholm), but the original owners of the house want to make sure they never leave again.

2011 / Crime Drama

Little Men

Ibrahim (Sami Darr) wants to make sure that his little brother can move away from the ghettoes of Copenhagen. But Mustafa has been lured into working for the criminal Victor (Danny Thykær), who has very different plans for them.

2010 / Action Sci-Fi

Eastern Army

In the post-apocalyptic future, a stranger (David Sakurai) arrives at a settlement. Ten-year-old Jessica believes he is from the mythical Eastern Army. When a gang of marauders attack, the stranger must choose between running or risking everything to save Jessica.